• Why do I need a reservation?

    With the popular demand of campsites, it is becoming more and more difficult to acquire one without a reservation, especially during peak summer periods and long weekends. Making a reservation gives you the security in knowing that when you arrive at the park, a campsite IS waiting for you!
  • How do I make a reservation for a campsite or groupsite?

    You must reserve online at www.discovercamping.ca or by calling Discover Camping at 1 800 689 9025. You cannot make a reservation at the park or by contacting the Park Operator directly.
  • Can I contact you, the Park Operator, to reserve me a campsite if I am having trouble booking through Discover Camping?

    NO, all reservations must be made through the centralized reservation system. The Park Operator cannot do this for you or put you on a waitlist. Usually if you are having trouble, it is probably because the campsites are all reserved already. It is not uncommon for campsites to book up completely and quickly for July, August, and all long weekends. Best bet is to keep checking back with Discover Camping or try another Park.
  • How do I best acquire a First Come First Serve site during peak periods & on Long Weekends?

    During peak season, a selection of non-reservable First Come First Serve Sites are available at all campgrounds, except at Bear Creek, Okanagan Lake North & South, Otter Lake and Ellison. Although there are no guarantees, it is best to arrive at the park before noon and before the weekend, if possible, to check for availability. Check-out time at all parks is 11am, therefore, if a guest is checking out then, you can move in to the site after they leave. If a campsite is unoccupied, doesn’t have a ‘reserved’ tag on it, and there is nothing in the site, you may also occupy it. Please ensure that you physically have something ON the site in order to claim it (ie. a tent set-up, trailer).

    A FEW EXCEPTIONS TO THIS: At Okanagan Lake South Park & Bear Creek, you must check at Gatehouse for campsite availability. At Mabel Lake, Ellison, Fintry & Kekuli Bay, you must add your name to a First Come First Serve Waitlist and be registered in the Overflow Camping area already.
  • Is there a Waitlist if a Campground is full?

    There is a Waitlist for full First Come First Serve Sites at Mabel Lake, Ellison, Fintry & Kekuli Bay Campgrounds. The Waitlist is processed each morning and 1 person per campsite must be present in order to acquire a campsite. Waitlists are NOT carried over from day to day. At Mabel Lake, Ellison, Fintry & Kekuli, you must be already a registered guest in the Overflow section in order to add your name to the Waitlist. Waitlists are NOT available for Reservation Campsites and Waitlists are NOT available at any of the other campgrounds.
  • Is there Overflow Camping available in parks that are full?

    Yes, all larger Parks have Overflow Camping for Self-contained RV Units in another designated area of the park. No Overflow Tenting permitted except at Fintry and Kekuli Bay. Overflow tenting no longer permitted at Mabel Lake. Overflow Camping is for 1 night stay only and Regular Camping Rates apply.
  • Is an additional RV permitted on a campsite?

    Yes, but a full rate camping fee will apply for the additional RV and all RVs, vehicles, tents, and equipment must fit on the provided gravel campsite pad.
  • How many vehicles are permitted on a campsite?

    As a rule, two vehicles are permitted on a campsite but additional vehicle or RV fees will apply and all RVS, vehicles, equipment, and tents must be confined to the provided campsite pad. No parking on road edges or on the grass are permitted.
  • Can I pitch my tent off the campsite pad?

    No, all tents must be on the gravel pad or you will be asked to move it! The tents destroy sensitive vegetation and/or your tent may get wet when irrigating.
  • Can I get I refund if I leave early?

    Sorry, no refunds issued for shortened stays, leaving early, or inclement weather.
  • Can I use my generator?

    Generator use is only permitted between the hours of 9am - 11am and 6pm - 8pm. Generators must be placed on the designated campsite pads, and not in surrounding vegetation.
  • Is there Cell & WiFi Service available in the Parks?

    Cell Service is available at ALL Parks with the exception of the Cathedral Lake & Mabel Lake. Cell Service is spotty in Okanagan Mountain Prov Park. Wifi is not available at this time.
  • Do the Washroom Buildings have electrical outlets?

    Most have one in each of the men’s and women’s Shower Buildings. They are for personal hygiene care only (ie. shavers, blow-dryers) & not for re-charging personal electronic devices, etc.
  • Do the Campsites have electrical & septic hook-ups?

    Most BC Parks do not have hook-ups. Kekuli Bay Provincial Park does have 4 electrical RV sites & are reservable during peakseason. Bear Creek Provincial Park also has 14 sites with 30 amp electrical and 7 pull-thru sites with 50 amp electrical, waterand sewer hook-ups and are reservable during peak season.
  • Can I utilize a BC Park for a wedding, reunion, or other large function?

    Yes, you may; however, please note that the BC Parks we maintain do not accept reservations for large functions and day-use areas are available on a first come first serve basis only. All Park Regulations must be adhered to and all produced garbage must be removed by the large group. Please contact us directly for more information regarding this.
  • Can I bring my dog to the park?

    In Front-country parks, pets must be on a leash at ALL times and are NOT permitted in designated day-use and beach areas or in park buildings. You, the dog owner, are also responsible for cleaning up after and disposing of your dog’s excrement! In Back-Country Parks, such as Cathedral Lake Protected Area, dogs are NOT permitted at all as they can disturb other Park Guests, foul trails, and cause problems with bears.
  • Can I bring my barbeque?

    Yes, but it must be used on the ground unless barbeque attachments are available on the picnic tables. Placing directly on picnic table damages the table.
  • Can I bring my own firewood?

    Yes, you may but it must not be treated or collected from the park forest or grounds. Campfires must be confined to under ½ a metre in height and within the provided fire-rings only.
  • What if there is a campfire ban or restricted burning in place?

    Campfires may not be permitted in all parks. Limited or complete fire bans may also be implemented at times. Leaving a campfire unattended is a serious offence. Be prepared to bring a portable stove for cooking, or charcoal briquettes in a hibachi. Always have a bucket of water handy nearby.
  • What form of payment do you accept at the Parks?

    CASH, CREDIT, & DEBIT CARDS now accepted at Bear Creek, Kekuli, Okanagan Lake, Fintry, & Ellison Provincial Parks. All other parks accept CASH ONLY.
  • Can I fill up my RV with drinking water at the Park?

    Yes, as long as you are not blocking a park roadway, you can pull up to a drinking water post with tap and fill up utilizing your own clean hose. Some Parks may specify utilizing certain taps and parks with sani-dumps have potable water taps dedicated for filling. Note: Parks with handpumps only will not have water taps. See individual park pages for specific available drinking water amenities.
  • Do the Parks have Sani-dumps?

    Bear Creek, and Mabel Lake have sani-dumps, including rinse & potable water. Fee applies. For all other parks, go to www.sanidumps.com to find the closest location.
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