• Do I need a reservation?

    No, it is not required that you make a reservation. However, where reservations can be made we strongly recommend you do so as from May Long Weekend to Labour Day is a popular time for campers. This way you can have security in knowing a campsite is waiting for you upon your arrival!
  • How do you best acquire a "first come first serve" campsite during peak season (July/August/all long weekends)?

    Although there are no guarantees, it is best to arrive at the park before noon to check for availability. Check-out time at all parks is 11am, therefore, if a guest is checking out then you can move in to the site after they leave. If a campsite is unoccupied, doesn’t have a ‘reserved’ tag on it, and there is nothing in the site, you may also occupy it. Please ensure that you physically have something ON the site in order to claim it (ie. a tent set-up, trailer). The exception is at Okanagan Lake South Campground where you must check at the gatehouse for campsite availability. At this park you may need to add your name to a Wait list if you do not have a reservation.
  • How do I get my name on the Wait list?

    Wait list Policies: applies to Okanagan Lake (South Park) only:

    1. Our first come first serve sites are often full during the summer. At such times a “First Come First Serve " Site Wait list for those wishing to get a site will be started new daily. You must come to the park in person to put your name on the list. No one can put their name on the list via phone. Only one site per person will be allowed. Example: If you want to obtain two sites you need two people present, both for placing your name on the waitlist as well as for being present at 11:00 am. Please note that we only accept CASH.

    2. Each morning at 11:00 am the waitlist will be processed, meaning that each person in turn on the list will have the opportunity to obtain a site becoming available that day, until all available sites for the day are taken. If you did not get a site, you will have to come back the next day to put your name on that days’ waitlist. NEW: Waitlist will no longer be carried over from day to day.

    3. If a person is not present at 11:00 am and their name is called, their name is crossed off the list and the park attendant will continue on to the next name.

    4. If a person is present at 11:00 am but wishes to pass on taking an available site, they will have to come back the following day to put there name on the wait list again. Note: ALL persons waiting at 11:00 am MUST BE ON FOOT. When arriving for the processing of the wait list please park in our day use parking lot. Please remain out of the way of traffic entering and exiting the park.
  • Will cell phones work in the parks?

    Cell phones do work in the South Okanagan Area Parks but coverage can be ‘spotty’ at Okanagan Lake & at Bear Creek. Cell Service is available at Texas Creek, Christina Lake, Kettle River, Johnstone Creek, Boundary Lake and Jewel Lake but not at Conkle Lake.
  • Can I use my generator?

    Generator use is only permitted between the hours of 9am-11am and from 6pm - 8pm. Generators must be placed on designated campsite pads, and not in surrounding vegetation. Exemptions to this policy may be granted for visitors that require generators for medical purposes. Please be considerate.
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